The Intellectual Property Awareness Network

The Intellectual Property Awareness Network brings together organisations and individuals from all walks of business, commerce, education and the IP professions to champion the importance and understanding of IP as a vital ingredient for innovation and success in entrepreneurial business. Through our events, publications such as our Topic Briefs, and research projects, we seek to engage and enthuse, stimulating debate about the role and value of IP in all its forms. IPAN is an independent not for profit, inclusive, membership organisation for people who are users of IP in their businesses, organisations for IP rich industry sectors, educationalists teaching IP awareness, IP experts and anyone who has an interest or something to contribute or who would just like to know more and make IP connections. Find our more about IPAN here, becoming a member here, upcoming events here.


The Group draws on the wide experience in the broad IPAN membership of how IP education (or the lack of it) affects graduate career prospects.

Finance, Business + Economics

Establishing IP value and exploiting the economic potential of IP assets remain much of a mystery to businesses, financiers and investors.  This Group is working to help get IP understood as a key asset class for business growth and economic development.

UK_Parliament by Hernán Piñera


This Group aims to ensure that IPAN is known to parliamentarians and businesses alike as an independent, unbiased, authoritative IP resource.

Photo by Hernán Piñera (some rights reserved)