About Us

The Intellectual Property Awareness Network is a unique, independent, not for profit, inclusive, membership organisation committed to championing the importance and understanding of intellectual property (IP) in buisnesses large and small.  It brings together people who are users of IP in their businesses, IP rich industry sectors, educationalists teaching IP awareness, IP experts and anyone who has an interest or something to contribute or who would just like to know more about IP and make connections.

First formed in 1993 on the initiative of Dr John Reid (then President of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys), IPAN now focuses its activities on the Education, Business, Finance and Economics, and Parliamentary sectors.  However, it does not lobby for any particular sector or IP viewpoint.

Constituted in England, the Intellectual Property Awareness Network – IPAN, is a charitable, not for profit company, limited by guarantee, reg. no. 7693250.  It operates with minimal formality and cost. Management is through the  Board of Directors which decides on membership and the meeting programme.  IPAN supports the aims of IP Inclusive and seeks to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in its membership and activities, encouraging all to contribute fully and on an equal basis.

John Ogier is the current Chair, assisted by Stephen Jones and Nigel Worth as vice-Chairs.  CIPA continues to provide active assistance, including help with IPAN meetings and some administrative support.

Download the IPAN brochure for more information.


IPAN meets regularly (usually at the CIPA offices in London) to hear progress with initiatives from IPAN interest groups and to discuss a contemporary IP topic after a presentation by a guest expert. Meetings are conducted with minimal formality and usually to Chatham House rule to allow open discussion and expression of opinions.  They are typically attended by about 20-25 members and guests and end with general discussion and networking over a glass of wine and nibbles. Meetings are open to IPAN members and their guests (subject to available space) and to anyone interested in becoming a member.


IPAN Membership includes varied commercial, financial, professional and academic member organisations and individuals, sharing an enthusiasm for IP and its key role in the developing “knowledge” economy.  Several other organisations such as the UK Intellectual Property Office and the Brussels based 4IP-Council, are observer members.  New members pay an initial joining fee and then the annual membership fee to help achieve IPAN’s educational objectives and cover operating expenses.  Member organisations are largely represented by non-specialists with an interest in IP rather than by IP lawyers.

The list of IPAN members is shown here.  

If you are interested in joining IPAN, please enquire here.