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Enterprise Educators UK hear about IPAN HEI IP Policies research

Prof Ruth Soetendorp shares IPAN’s recent research with the National Union of Students on perception and practice of IP policies in HEIs at an Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) event on 2nd Feb 2017 at Lancaster University.

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IP and the University Challenge

IPAN Vice-Chair, Mandy Haberman, reports on the European Progress Conference 2017: Dissemination of IP knowledge in universities which
 took place at 
the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich from 24-25 January

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IPAN Director Mandy Haberman joins IPO Steering Group

Mandy Haberman is one of two immediate appointments announced to the non-executive Steering Board of the UK Intellectual Property Office – 6 Nov 2015

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