5G mobile networks and intellectual property rights:  winner takes all?

Joint IPAN / IET online panel discussion, Tuesday 24 November 2020

The theme was how 5G ownership rights will affect access to 5G online services throughout the developed and the developing world. 

Audio and video recording of the full event available here

This joint IPAN and IET online discussion was chaired by Alessandro Hatami, chairman and founder of advisory firm The Pacemakers and attracted a record audience of over 220 people

The four expert panellists were:

  • Sylvia Lu, Head of Technology Strategy at u-blox – a Swiss creator and global leader of wireless chipset and modules.
  • Dai Davis, Chartered Engineer and specialist Information Technology lawyer at law firm Percy Crow Davis & Co
  • Adrian Howes, Head of IP and Standards in the IP Policy Group of Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications equipment manufacturer
  • Rubi Kaur, Senior Solutions Architect at mobile communications operator Vodafone

After a short introduction speaking about their own companies’ involvement in the roll-out of 5G, the panellists responded to questions and comments from the online audience.  Answers covered:

  • Who will be left behind in the race to introduce 5G technology: the importance of ensuring the existing international socio-economic divide doesn’t widen?
  • The case for ‘open architecture’ to minimise over-reliance on proprietary 5G technology from a single source
  • The rapid growth that 5G allows in the Internet of Things (IOT)
  • How data protection laws will apply to the vast amounts of data collection and transfer that the IOT will entail
  • The impact of post-Brexit trade agreements on the roll-out of 5G
  • How greatly enhanced connectivity from 5G will contribute to a greener economy and society.

Initial audience feedback rated the discussion as ‘highly relevant’ to current public interest in 5G, as well as informative about the benefits of 5G technology and the role of IP rights in its roll-out and continuing development.

More details of the panellists and chairman in the event flyer

Audio and video recording of the full event available here