We are living is a period of economic and social development when digital technologies and data industries are combining to change the way we trade and communicate. Intellectual Property Rights are critical to understanding both the proprietorship and the protection of the resulting creative innovations while regulation, notably through the EU. GDPR, will set the legal framework through which personal data can be protected. Dai Davis through his presentation, (slides of which are attached) has given an insight from his unique experience of how IP, IT and data can be brought together and protected, used business, education or IT technology platforms.

IPAN was pleased to welcome Nigel Swycher, former IP lawyer and now CEO of Aistemos a leading IP analytics company, as the key note speaker to our plenary session following our AGM on Thursday 23rd November at the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys.

Nigel’s talk: “AI meets IP – a meeting of the minds” addressed the key topics of productivity and creativity. Rather than take away jobs, Nigel put the case for the benefits from AI led innovation. For the economy to fully benefit the IP world will need to focus less on disputes and more on licensing. Nigel will explained how this has developed from Turing to the reading of AI scans, how this relates to IP and how together AI and IP can deliver great benefits to society and the economy.

You can see Nigel’s presentation here: Nigel Swycher, AI meets IP – a meeting of the minds.

Speaker’s profile

Nigel Swycher is the founder and CEO of Aistemos, an IP analytics and strategy company with headquarters in London. Nigel’s career includes the development of the intellectual property practice at leading law firm Slaughter and May.

Nigel is committed to providing more accessible information of technology protected by patents globally. The product Cipher harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to deliver greater accuracy and accessibility.

Nigel is also involved in a range of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of patent data, and is a director of ORoPO (the Open Register of Patent Ownership). Nigel is recognised as one of the world’s leading IP Strategists in the 2017 IAM Strategy 300.

Image: Many Wonderful Artists (public domain)