IPAN Associate 4iP Council is hosting a free online event which will explore the intricacies of standard essential patent (SEP) litigation.

What will 4iP Council’s online event cover?

Dr Igor Nikolic, Research Fellow at the European University Institute and Senior Fellow and University College London Centre for Law, Economics & Society, and author of the book ‘Licensing Standard Essential Patents: FRAND and the Internet of Things’ (Hart Publishing 2021), will be a lead speaker at the event.

4iP Council’s event description is as follows: “The litigation of standard essential patents (SEP) is seeing jurisdictional battles between national courts. Some courts are issuing anti-suit injunctions (ASI) to prohibit parallel litigation and consolidate the dispute at a single venue, while others retaliate with anti-anti-suit injunctions (AASI), barring parties from seeking or enforcing foreign ASIs. However, multiple ASIs and AASIs have negative consequences on SEP licensing. They increase legal uncertainty as to which court will resolve the case, incentivise parties to sue first in the most favourable jurisdiction rather than focus on licensing negotiations, increase litigation costs and risks of fines and imprisonment of company officials. The situation calls for a framework that would focus the parties on resolving the key issue behind every SEP dispute – the appropriate FRAND licensing terms – rather than engage in global forum shopping and jurisdictional challenges”.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • the conditions for the grant of ASI and AASI;
  • the use of ASIs and AASIs in SEP litigation;
  • measures that courts may use to facilitate licensing and stop forum shopping.

Registration details

Further details and the registration link can be accessed here.