As in past years, IPAN is organising an event using Zoom to follow its Annual General Meeting.

John Ogier, IPAN Chairman, will introduce our invited speakers who will discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and new IP ISO standards in supporting IP Management, corporate governance and investment in the IP ecosystem. These new developments will be canvassed by a panel of experts.


Ian Rosam

Director at HPO Risk Solutions Ltd, Author of Auditing for the 21st Century (2006) and Process Management Auditing for ISP 9001 (2008). Ian will talk about AI and IP Rights Management.

Kelvin King

Founder and Director of Valuation Consulting, Author of the original two chapters for RICS Red Book Business and IP Valuation Standards, and author of Valuation and Exploration of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets (2003) (EMIS Professional Publishing). Kelvin will talk about IP Valuation Standards.

Dr Janice Denoncourt

Associate Professor at Nottingham Law School, Director of IPAN and author of Intellectual Property, Finance and Corporate Governance (2018). Janice will talk about ISO standards for better IP management and corporate governance.

Nigel Worth

Nigel Worth, Principal Innovation Support Services, Chair Intellectual Property Licensing, Director IPAN. Nigel will talk about how better IP information can support investments in IP-rich firms.

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