IPAN Associate 4iP Council is hosting a free webinar which will include a presentation and questions & answer session on a recent paper: “Policy Governance Framework for SEP licensing: assessing private versus public market interventions“.

What is a standard-essential patent?

A patent that protects technology essential to a standard is called a standard-essential patent (SEP). Patent-holders commit to licence their SEPs to users of the standard on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions. However, some argue that the system for licensing SEPs is not transparent, predictable and efficient.

What will 4iP Council’s online event cover?

The paper subject of the webinar seeks to provide a balanced, evidence-driven policy governance framework for SEP licensing by highlighting both the theoretical and historical use of private and public ordering mechanisms in the mobile economy. It is particularly relevant given the recent announcements from Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepeneurship and SMEs (DR GROW), that they will be launching a consultation on a new framework for licensing standard-essential patents (SEPs) this autumn.

The event will be presented by Dr Bowman Heiden and Dr Justus Baron, authors of the paper subject of the webinar.

Registration details

Further details and the registration link can be accessed here.