Prof Ruth Soetendorp shares IPAN’s recent research with the National Union of Students on perception and practice of IP policies in HEIs at an Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) event on 2nd Feb 2017 at Lancaster University.

The event “Demystifying Intellectual Property (IP): embedding IP education in the student experience” was attended by 30 or so university enterprise educators. Professor Ruth Soetendorp, IPAN Education Group Convenor, highlighted the more significant findings from the research conducted with National Union of Students.  There was enthusiasm for introducing some IP or confidentiality awareness into student degree shows, and getting IP policy included in university prospectuses and websites.

Interestingly, although all the universities represented send students out on placement, only five offered some IP awareness session before placement and only one involves the employing company in an IP discussion with the university before the placement takes place.

View Ruth’s slides here.