IPAN is delighted to support the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GlobalWIIN) Awards.  Held on 2 December, the virtual Ceremony was hosted by Dr Bola Olabisi FRSA, GlobalWIIN founder and CEO and IPAN friend.

IPAN’s John Ogier, Dr Janice Denoncourt, and Professor Emerita Ruth Soetendorp all made a virtual appearance in the pre-recorded video ceremony.

John’s address highlighted why GlobalWIIN represents so much of what IPAN desires to achieve through entrepreneurial awareness, innovation, enterprise, diversity and access to opportunity.

He noted that increasing numbers of inventors and innovators are women, who have demonstrated great determination to succeed in bringing their innovations to the global marketplace. Intellectual Property (IP) – the innovators’ intangible but very valuable assets – are an essential part of 21st century enterprise. The IP value can be present whether the product is a physical good or a service. John believes that we can empower and enable a new generation of ingenious commercially and IP-aware entrepreneurs.

Associate Professor Dr Janice Denoncourt, a Member of the GlobalWIIN Independent Judging Panel, said:

“The standard of entries from across the globe was very high. Each entry was compelling, displaying strategies for products and services to solve problems and improve our global community. It was genuinely inspiring to hear the innovation stories shared, especially by women, which are heard less often and to be able to showcase their contributions. It was a great experience with over twenty finalists emerging from the regional rounds”.

IPAN Intellectual Property Award Winner 2021: YABOUY HOME COOKING™ Ida Cham Njai 

Janice selected Mrs Ida Cham Njai from Gambia, stating “I was impressed by how Ida has managed her brand, YABOUY HOME COOKING™ since 2008 to the extent that she has an international reputation”.  Ida has inculcated impactful sustainable cultural tourism into her business YABOUY HOME COOKING™.  ‘Yabouy’ means mother and is a tribute to Ida’s mother. Ida’s successful business model involves a visit to Ida’s home in the Gambia to experience the traditions of cooking organic locally sourced food and fashionwear for a lasting Gambian cultural experience.

It is unique in its proposition, preparation, and service delivery, attracting a significant national and international audience. Ida has extended her creativity by conducting training for institutions and communities for other cultures to emulate. See Ida’s multimedia at www.gambianhomecooking.com which demonstrates IP awareness with the notice:  “Copyright © 2018 Ida Cham. All Rights Reserved”.  The brand also features high quality content on YouTube (Yabouy Home cooking – YouTube), social media websites such as Facebook  (https://facebook.com/gambianhomecooking), LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ida founded the YABOUY Charity in 2013 to improve the lives of women in the surrounding Gambian communities through meaningful socio-economic and environmental initiatives such as micro-finance.  Ida is an African Travel 100 Women Winner (2017) for her pioneering and innovative work in the tourism and travel field in Africa.  Finally, Ida was also awarded a GlobalWIIN 2021 Exceptional Creativity Award for her ability to produce ideas, flair and unusual imagination that fascinate and interest humankind.

Janice commented, “The YABOOUY HOME COOKING™ brand has steadily grown and now extends beyond Gambia so Ida may wish to consider filing her trade mark in neighbouring countries”.

Whilst judging the entries, Janice noted quite a few instances of confusion regarding different IP rights, so it is positive that IPAN is involved promoting IP awareness among inventors and innovators.

In 2022, IPAN will provide Ida with an invaluable opportunity to discuss her IP strategy for YABOUY HOME COOKING™ with a panel of IPAN experts with decades of experience to share.

Ruth Soetendorp’s Special Honorary Trailblazer 2021 Award

Finally, our own IPAN director and Education Group Convenor extraordinaire, Ruth Soetendorp (Visiting Professor of the University of the Arts London and Professor Emerita, Bournemouth University), was recognised by GlobalWIIN for her commitment to the advancement and empowerment of women inventors and innovators across the globe. In making the Trailblazer Award, Dr Olabisi stated:

“Ruth has worked tirelessly in raising awareness of the many IP-related aspects that can be protected therefore helping many reap the full benefits of their inventions and innovations. Over the years, Ruth has shown dedication to capacity building of an astonishing number of ingenious women. Her knowledge transfer of IP and her extraordinary influence has had a significant impact at GlobalWIIN and has helped to advance and empower women inventors and innovators. Ruth’s knowledge transfer extends to assisting consumers use IP to ensure they are purchasing safe, guaranteed products.”

In accepting the prestigious award, Ruth explained:

“IP Awareness and IP Education are crucial, especially for innovators and inventors at the start of their careers. It is a vital step in building the self-esteem that will enable them, particularly women, to succeed in building an enterprising and entrepreneurial business.  IPAN and GlobalWIIN both recognise this and are working hard to make sure others do too!”.

IPAN congratulates Ruth on this incredible recognition of her pioneering contribution to our growing global IP community.