This new edition of the book provides an outline of the basic legal principles surrounding intellectual property, educating the reader as to the shape of the law.

Aimed at those new to the world of intellectual property, the book is available to purchase now via the Bloomsbury website (20% discount available to IPAN members upon request to, where the description reads as below:


“This book is a classic… its style and content remain invaluable.” Entertainment Law Review

This is the new edition of a unique book about intellectual property. It is for those new to the subject, both law students and others such as business people needing some idea of the subject. It provides an outline of the basic legal principles, educating the reader as to the shape of the law. Critically, it also gives an insight into how the system actually works. You cannot understand chess by merely learning the rules – you also have to know how the game is played: so too with intellectual property.

The authors deliberately avoid technicalities: keeping things simple, yet direct. There are no footnotes to distract. Although cases are, inevitably, referred to, they are explained in a pithy, accessible manner.

All major areas of IP – patents, trade marks, copyright and designs – are covered, along with briefer treatment of other rights and subjects such as breach of confidence, plant varieties and databases.

A novice reader should come away both with a clear outline of IP law and a feeling for how it works. Students will be able to put their more detailed study into perspective. Users will be able to understand better how IP affects them and their businesses.