Post Brexit changes in IP Rights

IPAN open “in person” and online meeting: 5pm, Thurs. 9th March 2023

Venue: CIPA offices, 2nd Floor, Halton House, 20–23 Holborn, London EC1N 2JD

There are more misconceptions about Brexit than hard fact and many of the changes have not been covered in publications. Some divergences happened immediately with Brexit on 1st Jan 2021; others will be slower to appear but will be just as real.

Our expert speaker, Dai Davis, the well known technology lawyer and partner in his own specialist law practice (Percy Crow Davis & Co), will help deconstruct some of the major IP related changes post Brexit.

There are some express statements in the three Brexit Agreements about IP. That said, some of the major changes occurred simply because the EU made little modification of its own laws because of Brexit. Dai will also look at the structure of these three agreements and why they are less binding than, for example, the agreement between Canada and the European Union.

In his talk Dai will explore the notice UK courts may need to take of developing EU law and how quickly UK law may depart from existing EU law, as well as the post Brexit exhaustion rules for IP.  He will discuss the known divergences between European and UK design right law and also look at the potentially major change in Database Rights, and why the Post Brexit dispute resolution rules require a change in contract drafting.

Time permitting, Dai will also explain how a single pre-Brexit General Data Protection Regulation regime has  morphed into two co-existing dissonant regimes and review the difficulties in trying to comply with them.

The meeting is open to IPAN members and their guests and to anyone with an interest in IP rights and their developments, post-Brexit.  It will be followed by refreshments and an opportunity for networking.   
To help with seating and catering arrangements, please let us know by email to if you plan to attend. 
On-line access to the meeting is also possible, please let us know and we will send you a link.