With the current Covid-19 restrictions, our recent events have taken place via webinars or video conferencing. A full recording of our “5G networks and IP rights: winner takes all?” event from November 2020 is accessible here.


Our events in 2021 will continue to take place via webinar or video conferencing until it is appropriate to do otherwise. A brief introduction to some of the events we have planned for 2021 can be found below.


World Intellectual Property Day: “IP strategy for FinTech start-ups & SMEs” – 26 April 2021



  • This event will take the form of a panel discussion. Further information on the event and speakers is available here.


“Pandemics, vaccinations, patents and licensing: is the IP system working?” – June 2021


  • The impact that patents and licensing structures have on the rollout of vaccinations has been under the spotlight as a result of Covid-19.


  • This event will raise key questions around the relationships between corporations, government, and universities.


“Legal enforcement of IP: how the system serves individuals and small businesses” – date to be confirmed


  • This event will be aimed at individuals, small and medium sized businesses and intellectual property professionals alike.


  • We are working on some exciting partnerships for this event to ensure a range of interesting and engaging insights.


Details on further IPAN events, which are in early planning stages, will follow throughout 2021.