“Combat the Copycats” – a workshop for designers on intellectual property rights and how to use them.  
Cost:  Free.    Refreshments.
Tuesday 23 May 1400 – 16.30 at City University of London

IPAN Vice Chair Mandy Haberman and Education group convenor Professor Ruth Soetendorp will be participating.

The significance of protecting one’s work in the design world is often overlooked.  The consequences of not knowing how to do so can result in designer’s new and original products being copied or infringed.

The event will offer much needed guidance on the topic of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) to designers and interested parties.  We will shed light on the importance of design rights and other intellectual property rights, and you will learn what the remedies for infringement can be.

Join us for an enlightening afternoon about what IPR is, and how you can use it to protect your design inventions.  You will hear firsthand from designers and entrepreneurs how their designs have created value, and brought value to society.

For a detailed programme and to book your free place, please visit City University of London’s website.

Image by Radio.Guy (some rights reserved)