Unnur Valdis Kristjandottir, IPAN’s 2023 GlobalWIIN Gold IP Award winner, explains how being an IP rights owner worked for her. 

In this blog, she discusses the impact of the IPAN Gold Award and how the recognition has helped her improve her IP awareness to support her Iceland-based business, Flothetta®.


Unnur invented and designed the Flothetta® float cap which is patented and trade mark protected.  The Flothetta® float cap is an innovative water wellness therapy accessory product, designed to support a deep and relaxing water experience and supports independent floating in any water to relax, reduce muscle and skeleton stress and promote emotional and mental overall body-spirit connection.   Her successful business is thriving in Iceland and the  Flothetta® product line is sold at the world-famous Blue Lagoon wellness resort. See Unnur’s website, www.flothetta.com to learn more.


Unnur explains,

            For centuries, Icelanders have enjoyed the healing properties of water, such as the relief of stress and the improvement of the general well-being. Flothetta® adds a new   dimension to the water experience, one of relaxation and total bliss.


On 7 November, IPAN was pleased to discuss Unnur’s future IP strategy for Flothetta® with our panel, who have decades of experience to share between them.  The coaching session was led by Associate Professor Dr Janice Denoncourt (Nottingham Law School, Author and IP lawyer non-practising), John Ogier (IPAN Chairman) and Nigel H. Worth (IPAN Director, Chairman, International Licensing Practitioners, IP lawyer and Consultant). GlobalWIIN CEO, Dr Bola Olabisi joined as an Observer.


Unnur told us how her business has largely grown through word of mouth.  Her products and float therapy courses are now available in over 20 pools in Iceland.  Although Unnur is poised to scale up and expand beyond Iceland, this requires additional reflection, finance and support.  The panel advised on the importance of an IP audit annually, branding and a possible franchise model.


Flothetta®’ fantastic success has meant Unnur quickly become aware of copycats sold online.  She was incensed to discover unauthorised copies of her products on the Amazon® USA Web Shop.  A David and Goliath effort ensued and Unnur offers the following advice to fellow designer entrepreneurs:

            Establishing the Flothetta® brand was such an important investment of my time and limited resources. Owning the IP rights, enabled me to pursue Amazon. It took some effort, but Amazon actually removed the copycat products from their site! My trade mark is one of my most valuable business assets. 


‘My IP awareness has absolutely increased as a result of my IPAN coaching session’, said Unnur. She is currently investigating expanding the Flothetta® brand more widely with the world. We are thrilled for Unnur and look forward to watching her business progress over the coming years.