IPAN’s response to the UK Intellectual Property Office Open Consultation Artificial Intelligence was led by Associate Professor Dr Janice Denoncourt. The Government response was published on 23 March 2021, and can be accessed here. The IPAN board considered the role the patent system plays in encouraging the development and use of AI technologies and agreed that the UK should aspire to be a leader in ‘ethical safe and inclusive AI’.  In line with the majority of the 92 respondents, IPAN supports a ‘cautious approach’ to designating AI systems as a non-human inventor as the patent law system does not operate in isolation. AI technology has given rise to numerous ethical dilemmas and controversies and these should be carefully studied to avoid any potential unintended consequences. The government response summarises the key points and sets out its roadmap of the actions in relation to all forms of IP rights as part of is broader strategy on IP and AI.

23 March 2021