Key features

  • IPAN membership embraces commercial, financial, professional and academic organisations, as well as individuals, all with a shared enthusiasm for IP and its key role in the developing “knowledge” economy and its value to society.  It includes those who use IP or depend on it in their business or profession, as well as IP educators, IP experts and economists, forming a unique, independent think-tank on IP awareness matters.
  • IPAN does not lobby for any particular sector or viewpoint or provide legal advice to members on specific IP issues, but seeks to provide a balanced view on IP matters.  As a result IPAN is increasingly seen as an authority on IP awareness issues amongst important stakeholders. The diverse background and experience of the IPAN membership is its key strength and we are keen to expand it further.
  • IPAN welcomes written applications to join from organisations and individuals based primarily in the UK (including students in full-time education) who can subscribe to IPAN’s educational aims and objectives.  IPAN seeks to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in its membership and activities, and encourages all its members to contribute fully and on an equal basis.
  • Membership applications are decided on their merits by the IPAN Directors; an Annual Membership Fee is payable on acceptance.
  • IPAN, is a not for profit company, limited by guarantee (registered in England under no. 07693250) and all members are governed by the IPAN Articles of Association and Rules.

Annual Membership Fees (from 01 January 2024)


  • Corporate:  £165
  • Individual: £110
  • Early Career: £25 (to includes students, new graduates in their first year following graduation, and new companies in their first year of start-up)

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Accessing a unique network of IP intelligence drawn from the wider IP community including government, professional organisations, industry and academia on a national basis – no other UK group exists which brings together such a wide range of different bodies all of which have an interest in IP and its relevance to society.
    BUT note that IPAN membership does not provide access to legal advice.  Members are strongly advised to seek appropriate help from professional legal advisers when definitive advice or judgment is needed for specific circumstances.
  • Attending network webinars and “in person” events with your guests (space permitting) to hear presentations by invited experts on current IP topics and to network with other members and speakers.
  • Participate fully and on an equal basis in IPAN’s activities such as by contributing in a sector focus group:


Finance, Business and Economics


  • Taking part in IPAN’s major events such as its regular Parliamentary Event for parliamentarians, IP opinion leaders and their guests, celebrating World Intellectual Property Day in April, usually held in the Palace of Westminster.
  • Helping develop and review briefing papers about IP topics of current interest.
  • Shaping research into the social and economic value, effects, education and public awareness of IP.
  • Raising your profile by joining a highly regarded UK network committed to improved understanding about IP and its value to society – your name or organisation will be added to the list of IPAN members.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please email us at with your full Name, Organisation, Contact details, and interest or background in IP.   If you are a student, please tell us in your email the university or college and the course you are studying.