IPAN encourages you to participate in a free online survey on IP education and training!

The survey covers IP education, learning, teaching and training, is open to anyone, and is primarily aimed at the broad categories of:

  • representatives of businesses with internal IP education needs; and
  • representatives from entities who deliver IP education to others.

As explained in the introductory page of the survey: “The purpose of the survey is to gather insights (both positive and negative) from companies and organisation interested in improving their understanding and appreciation of intellectual property as well as to gather insights from companies, organisations, IP Firms, IP Service Providers, Universities, etc. who provide IP education & training of any sort and in any format and using any delivery mechanism”.

Anyone who participates in the survey, and chooses to make their contact details available, will receive an anonymised report on the findings. Additionally, a higher level anonymised report will be published later this year.

The survey is organised by Chawton Innovation Services, Hallesius Consulting AB, and House of Knowledge, and the IPAN Board of Directors is participating in the survey. For more detail and to participate in the survey, click the button below.

IP Education and Training survey