IPAN Associate 4iP Council is hosting a free educational online event which will explore the role of patents in society using data and evidence.

What will 4iP Council’s online event cover?

  • an overview of the function of patents from both a private and social standpoint
  • an understanding of the literature on this topic and the open questions about the effect of patents
  • a perspective on new data that, in particular, could nail down the causal effects of patents and the mechanisms that give rise to these effects
  • the chance to address your questions to an expert

The event will be presented by Professor Alfonso Gambardella. Head of the Department of Management & Technology of Bocconi University, Milan and Fellow of the Strategic Management Society and a member of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), London. Interested parties are invited to read Gambardella’s related and freely accessible paper, “The functions of patents in our socieities: innovation, markets and new firms“.

Registration details

Further details and the registration link can be accessed here.