As part of our World Intellectual Property Day 2024 programme launch, the Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN) will be publishing a milestone report on 26 April 2024, ‘The IPAN Guide to the SDGs’.

The Guide is an exploration of the 17 Global Goals through an IP lens featuring the expert perspectives and recommendations of key partners, members, practitioners and policy makers, all addressing the following question:

‘How does IP intersect with each of the Global Goals, and how might IP be used to advance innovation and creativity towards realising the Goals?’

The IPAN Board and Secretariat are asking members, partners and IPAN allies as well as policy makers, practitioners and academics to submit their contributions for a specific Goal at this link before 18 April 2024 to ensure they are received in time to be incorporated into the report.

We would be delighted to feature your contribution and receive a 200 word statement on or before this date, which will be quoted in the booklet. You may select any of the Global Goals that you work most closely with or are specialised in, or indeed which resonate most personally with you.

Through this Guide, IPAN aims to bring IP and the SDGs ever closer together and to ensure that developments in intellectual property in the future have sustainability at their core from the outset of policy or project planning, rather than as an afterthought.

We look forward to your support for this exciting IPAN project and look forward to receiving our valued contributions on or before 18 April 2024.