IPAN Guide to the SDGs | World Intellectual Property Day 2024

On World Intellectual Property Day 2024 on 26 April 2024 and as part of our ‘IP & The SDGs’ programme launch, the Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN) is pleased to publish its milestone report, ‘The IPAN Guide to the SDGs’.

The Guide is an exploration of the 17 Global Goals through an IP lens featuring the expert perspectives and recommendations of key partners, members, practitioners and policymakers, all addressing the following question: ‘How does IP intersect with each of the Global Goals, and how might IP be used to advance innovation and creativity towards realising the Goals?’

Throughout March and April, the IPAN Board and Secretariat asked members, partners and IPAN allies to submit their contributions for a specific Goal at this link. We were delighted to receive over 30 contributions and are proud to publish this interim report on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day 2024, which you can view and download below.

The IPAN ‘IP & The SDGs’ Programme 2024

Through this Guide, IPAN aims to bring IP and the SDGs ever closer together and to ensure that developments in intellectual property in the future have sustainability at their core from the outset of policy or project planning, rather than as an afterthought. The Guide also informs IPAN’s programme for 2024, in that it will be used to frame our activities and work for the remainder of 2024. We will be leaving the submission portal live until November 2024, when a final version of the Guide will be published at the IPAN AGM in London, which will feature a panel discussion and reception event. The topics and themes explored in the Guide will also be considered further at a virtual panel event which will be hosted by IPAN and our partners on Zoom in July 2024, and at a second panel event which will be held in London in September 2024. Please follow IPAN on LinkedIn or X for further updates on these events.

We look forward to your support for this exciting IPAN project and to receiving your valued contributions to any of the Global Goals, addressing the above question, on or before 01 November 2024, at this link.




With very special thanks to our contributors and especially to Dr Louise Loder (University of Exeter Law School and IPAN Secretariat) for her leadership on this project


Adam Williams, CEO and Comptroller-General of UK IPO

Artemios Bernar Pappas, Postgraduate Law Student, University of Exeter

Dai Davis, Solicitor and Chartered Engineer

Danny Keenan, President, IP Federation

Darion R Smalls, IP Law DL Student, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Bola Olabisi FRSA, CEO, GlobalWIIN

Dr Claudia Tapia, President of 4iP Council & Director IPR Policy and Legal Academic Research at Ericsson

Dr Francesca Mazzi, Lecturer in AI, Innovation and Law, Brunel University London

Dr Janet Burgess, Secretary to the Board and Membership Officer, IPAN

Dr Janice Denoncourt (BA, LLB, LLM, PhD, GAICD, SFHEA, RSA), Associate Professor of Law, Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Louise Loder, Lecturer in Law, University of Exeter; IPAN Secretariat; Executive Committee, Human Rights Lawyers Association

Dr Pratheeba Vimalnath, Lecturer in Innovation, Intellectual Property and Sustainability, University of Exeter Business School

Dr Sabine Jacques, Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Liverpool, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool

Fernanda Donaire Passoni, Head of Coordination, 4iP Council

Jan Marton, Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Jane Lambert, IP law practitioner, NIPC Law

Jiarong Zhang, Assistant Professor in Intellectual Property Law, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

John P Ogier, Chair of IPAN

Joseph Godfrey, Research Assistant, Nottingham Trent University

Kevin Sattarzadeh, IP Law DL Student, Nottingham Trent University & Licensed Canadian Paralegal

Kristen Tapping, Founder & Director, GoRolloe

Michael Rudolf Kissler, Attorney at Law (Rechtsanwalt) & General Counsel, Nottingham Trent University

Michelle Okyere, Postgraduate IP Legal Researcher, Nottingham Trent University

Neil Lampert, Deputy Chief Executive, The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys

Nisaa Jetha, Global Impact Strategist, Impact-for-SDGs

Phoebe Whitlock, Board of IPAN & Delegate, UN Women UK to the 68th UN Commission on the Status of Women

Ruth Soetendorp, Visiting Academic, City, University of London; Professor Emerita, Associate Director CIPPM, Bournemouth University; HEA National Teaching Fellow 2001; Former Board Member, IPAN

Sameera Jalan, First-year undergraduate law student, University of Exeter

Sean Ibbetson, Senior Associate, Bristows LLP

Sir Robin Jacob, Professor, UCL