Imagine visiting the local Tanji fish market where you can buy fresh local produce to slow-cook your meal Gambian-style, with time to chat, learn about the local cuisine, fashion and culture, singing and playing games before enjoying your aromatic fish dish from the Atlantic Coaset.  Well, that is all part of the YABOUY™ home cooking experience.

Regular IPAN members will recall that Mrs Ida Cham Ngai, a vibrant, successful businesswoman from the Gambia was awarded the IPAN’s Gold IP Award at the virtual ceremony held on 2 December 2021.  IPAN is delighted to have supported Global Women Innovators and Inventors Network (GlobalWINN) founded by IPAN director, Dr Bola Olabisi FRSA for the past few years.

We caught up with Ida virtually on 18 December 2023.  We heard exciting new developments regarding YABOUY™, her unique sustainable food and culture tourism business based in sunny Gambia.

Nigel Worth, John Ogier and Janice Denoncourt, IPAN’s resident IP Rights and Strategy Coaches, enjoyed hearing about exciting new developments that have taken place since the Covid-19 pandemic.   YABOUY™ is on the cusp of a new way to share Gambian foodie culture – working with a cruise liner to provide passengers with local ‘cultural experience’ day excursions!

The IPAN Coaches discussed a variety of strategies for Ida to identify, protect and maximise a variety of IP rights for YABOUY™.  Beginning with an IP rights audit, the session covered IP strategies in an African context, among other business and social media strategies. YABOUY™ has a well-established online presence online, on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Dr Olabisi explained how the coaching session really provides Ida and YABOUY™ with the opportunity to reflect on the growth of the business while becoming more aware of the various IP implications and benefits.  Ida expressed her appreciation for such an amazing opportunity as she is dedicated to “preserving her culture to promote sustainable tourism”.

Follow Ida’s IP journey at the helm of YABOUY™ by visiting her website to learn more about how you can immerse yourself in Gambian Home Cooking!

Janice Denoncourt